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French Drainage System


French Drainage System   WHAT IS A FRENCH DRAIN?French drains are trenches that contain a perforated drain pipe enveloped in gravel. Either the entire trench is lined with filter fabric, or the pipe is wrapped in filter fabric.Generally, the trench is covered with grass.WHEN DOES FCS RECOMMEND USING A FRENCH DRAIN?French drains are designed to remove water that [...]

Single Concrete Pier System


 Single Concrete Pier System Proper depth requirement can be reached by driving against the load of the structure. • Site cleanliness and speed save time and minimize damage to landscape. • Soil's load bearing capacities are tested by driving the pilings into the soil. • Pre-cured/tested concrete allows immediate leveling of the structure. • A safety factor [...]

Single Steel Pier System


Single Steel Pier System • All the features of the Single Pro-Pier System. • Rigid Steel connectors to help prevent horizontal movement during and after installation. • A longer, stronger warranty. PRESSED STEEL PIERS Piers will usually reach greater depths than concrete piers because steel is smooth This method utilizes interlocking steel segments instead [...]

Double Concrete Pier System


Double Concrete Pier System   Double Concrete Pier System • All the features of the Single Steel Pro-Pier System. • A double wall pier system for twice the strength and twice the support. • An unconditional lifetime transferable warranty PRESSED CONCRETE PIERS     Holes are dug at intervals along the affected areas of [...]

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