Evaluator Process

Evaluator Process Foundation repair in Dallas

The more often recognized signs of foundation problems, re: wall cracks, floor cracks, ceiling cracks, sticking doors, cracks in brick, sloping floors that need leveling, loose or cracked floor tile, trim separation, gaps around window frames and garage doors, and interior or exterior cracks in the concrete slab. Next, A Foundation and Concrete Services Evaluator Looks for the Cause of the Foundation Problem .

Residential foundation and commercial building foundation performance is greatly influenced by their surroundings, including soil type and compaction at the time of construction.
This is particularly true of the Dallas – Fort Worth area due to our highly expansive, climate sensitive, clay soils. During dry periods the soil may drop 4 to 10 inches. During a wet
season or due to water leaks or over-watering, soil expands and rises, causing foundation upheaval. It is important for a foundation repair evaluator to look for:

• Sources of Water Such as Leaking Faucets
• Neighboring Properties related to Drainage and Watering
• Placement of Soaker Hoses
• Adequacy of Gutter Systems and Drainage Systems
• Proximity to Water including Streams, Lakes, Ponds and Pools
• Impact of Tree and Bush Roots, which may require the inclusion of a root barrier.

Evaluators Check For Floor Flatness

Our evaluators will check floor flatness using a precision electronic level. There are reams of studies by professional engineers reporting that very few houses were built perfectly flat.
Never the less, the elevation readings are an important tool when used in a contour analysis to look for distortions in the slab or foundation.



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