Balancing Texas Elements

We are native Texans and for more than 20 years, our family owned and operated business has served North Texas residential and commercial properties. Our decades of experience make us experts on area soil conditions and the causes behind your foundation issues.

North Texas Soil

City skylines reflect our diversity and beneath those diverse structures lay different types of foundations. The common element of all foundations is they sit on North Texas soil. North Texas soil is composed of Blackland Prairie soil—deep, dark-grey to black alkaline clay.

When Texas rain saturates our properties, the Blackland Prairie clay beneath your foundation expands. During hot Texas summers and draughts, the clay contracts.

In fact, Blackland Prairie soil is known as “cracking clays” due to the large, deep cracks that form in hot Texas summers and during droughts.

This high shrink-swell element of North Texas clay causes shifting, which in turn causes serious damage to foundations, streets, sidewalks, driveways and other types of structures.


Another disruptive element of North Texas clay is surface drainage. Rainwater and sprinkler runoff can pool, threatening structural integrity. During storms, drainage is often rapid, causing soil erosion and additional issues on your property.

Texas Tree Roots

Roots of trees are yet another unsettling element of Texas life. During storms, roots absorb water and, just like Texas clay, they expand. When the weather turns hot and draughts occur, these deep and powerful roots continue to seek moisture—reaching beneath your property and causing hazardous cracks in foundations, driveways, walkways and patios. Tree roots can also cause invisible leaks beneath your foundation due to ruptured pipes and sewer lines.

Fortunately, FCS Foundation Repair Services helps balance these Texas elements!

FCS Foundation Repair Services balance the elements beneath those unsettling cracks