Single Steel Pier System

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Single Steel Pier System • All the features of the Single Pro-Pier System. • Rigid Steel connectors to help prevent horizontal movement during and after installation. • A longer, stronger warranty. PRESSED STEEL PIERS Piers will usually reach greater depths than concrete piers because steel is smooth This method utilizes interlocking steel segments instead [...]

Double Concrete Pier System

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Double Concrete Pier System   Double Concrete Pier System • All the features of the Single Steel Pro-Pier System. • A double wall pier system for twice the strength and twice the support. • An unconditional lifetime transferable warranty PRESSED CONCRETE PIERS     Holes are dug at intervals along the affected areas of [...]

Single Drill Pier System

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Single Drill Pier System     For homes and light commercial buildings, single drill concrete piers are concrete columns that are formed by drilling holes into the ground between 9- 12 feet deep and pouring liquid concrete 3500 psi into holes and are reinforced with steel rebars that are tied together and lowered into the hole. [...]

Double Drill Pier System

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Double Drill Pier System   For two story residential homes or heavier commercial buildings, double drill concrete piers are 8” in diameter formed by drilling two shafts at a predetermined specified angle, this system works well at most areas because the reversed v angle creates maximum upward support. Pros 1. Can guarantee greater depth than pressed [...]

Pier and Beam Foundation System

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Pier and Beam Foundation System   About Pier and Beam Foundations Pier and beam construction was extremely popular in North Texas a century ago because of our clay soils and extremes in temperature, especially during the summer. Having a pier and beam foundation allowed the building to “move” with these extremes, without compromising the overall integrity [...]